Suzuki Strings of Madison
Program Policies


General Policies

All group activities take place at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 326 S. Segoe Road, Madison, WI 53705, unless otherwise noted in the calendar.

We are very grateful for the rental of the space. Let us continue this partnership by adhering to a few simple rules:

-Please enter the church through the courtyard doors in front of the church office.
-Please do not wander around the building. We are to use only the lower level during group class days and only the hallway outside Bradfield Hall during Play-in days.
-All users of the church facilities are expected to leave the church in the same conditions as they found it.
-No youth or children’s groups will be allowed to use the building unless there is adequate, full-time adult supervision. No children or youth are allowed to be in any of the rooms unattended.
-Nothing is to be removed from or taped to the walls or woodwork without prior permission from the Office Administrator. (inclusive of nails, tacks, screws, etc.)
-Building Security – Before leaving, close all windows, turn off all lights, and lock all doors within your assigned meeting space.
-It is expected that you will leave the building by 9:30 PM.
-If damage to church property occurs, the responsible group will be financially responsible for repair or replacement. Such damage or loss is to be promptly reported to the church office.


Tuition is due to the private teacher on the first lesson of each semester, for the entire semester, or the first lesson of each month for the number of lessons that month.

30-minute lesson = $27.00
45-minute lesson = $40.50
60-minute lesson = $54.00


Our students are expected to attend lessons and classes regularly. In the event of a student absence, the private or group teacher needs to be notified 24 hours in advance. Should the teacher be absent, the private lesson will be made up. (There are no group make-ups.) There will be a limit of one make-up lesson per semester. In case of snow and bad driving conditions, we follow the Madison Schools’ policies: No lessons on a Madison snow day, if school has been canceled. In the event of class cancellation due to a late afternoon storm, you will receive a call no later than 4:00 pm.


Please arrive on time for all classes. Students more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted to class. For theory classes, bring a music stand, pencil, and manuscript paper. Siblings are welcome to observe classes, provided they sit quietly and are not disruptive. Parents, please reserve conversations for outside the classrooms.


Your group class tuition covers two group classes per week and all necessary class materials, play-ins, concerts, recitals, 100 Days Club, accompanists, spring workshops and facility rentals. This fee is $300 per semester, per child, and is due on or before the first group class of each semester. Second child is $250.

Dalcroze only is $100.00

Group class tuition paid after September 28 and February 1 must include a $15.00 late fee.

All fees are payable to Suzuki Strings of Madison and should be given to your private lesson teacher. Please be prompt with your tuition payments.


Twinkle..............................Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Book I................................Handel Bourree

Book II...............................Humoresque

Book III..............................Vivaldi a minor, 1st mov’t

Book IV..............................Vivaldi g minor, 1st mov’t

Book V..............................Handel Sonata No. 1, F Major

Book VI.............................Bach a minor, 1st mov’t


Blouse – white, long-sleeved, front buttons, conservative neckline, tucked into skirt or pants.
Skirt – black, mid-calf or ankle length OR Pants – black, dress pants (no jeans).
Hosiery – Black pantyhose/tights (with skirts) or black socks (no prints or patterns).
Shoes – black, dress shoes

Shirt – white, long sleeved, button down, tucked into pants
Pants – black, dress pants, with black belt (no jeans)
Socks – black
Shoes – black, dress shoes (no tennis shoes)

Prelude Strings will determine attire during class meeting.

Sonora additional attire:
Girls and boys – informal polo with Sonora embroidered logo.
Girls – 3/4 length black jacket from Tiger Lily on State Street.
Boys – white tuxedo shirt provided by Sonora Strings.